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We’re looking for contributors to The Substrate. If you have a passion for science writing, check out the guidelines below on how to join our team of writers. ASBMB members as well as anyone in the biochemistry and molecular biology community are welcome to submit articles. Click here to submit an article. If you have any questions regarding topics, editorial decisions, or how to write an article, please let us know.

About The Substrate
The Substrate is the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) news source for undergraduates. Our online content is open to all readers and available to both members and non-members of the ASBMB.

Our content
Articles focus on topics such as:

  • Current science news
  • Profiles on students and their current research
  • Articles covering recent trends in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Personal essays by science students
  • Opinion and advice articles about education and career paths

A list of suggested topics to write about can be found on the following link: 2016-2017 topics for The Substrate

Writing for the Substrate
Articles should be professional but do not need to be formal. The content should be understandable to those with an extensive scientific background as well as those without. Articles can be in various formats, including a Q&A, a list of tips, interviews, or first-person narratives. Make sure to include related media or links to sources that readers would find interesting if they want to learn more about the topic.

Determining authorship
Articles may be co-written or written by one author. The author who contributed the most will be considered the first author. Individuals who assisted with editing or feedback may be noted at the end of the article.

Sources must be provided with the article. Citations are in-text. Please do not provide a reference list of sources.

Editorial decisions
All articles are edited according to the Associate Press style guide and fact-checked by ASBMB staff. Final editorial decisions are made by ASBMB staff.

Want to write even more? Submit your article to ASBMB Today, the ASBMB member magazine.

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