2018 ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition winners

By Nadine Gombakomba

The 22nd annual Undergraduate Poster Competition was held on April 21, 2018, at the ASBMB annual meeting in San Diego. More than 200 undergraduates presented their research. One winner and four honorable mentions were selected in four research categories.

Category 1: Proteins, Enzymes and Proteomics
Winner: Michael Schwabe, University of San Diego
Honorable mention: Lauren Davancaze, University of Notre Dame
Honorable mention: Gage Stuttgen, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
Honorable mention: Gina Wade, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
Honorable mention: Christine Little, Wesleyan University

Category 2: Metabolism, Bioenergetics, Lipids, Signal Transduction and Pedagogy
Winner: Zachary Jones, University of Delaware
Honorable mention: Scott Perkins, College of Wooster
Honorable mention: Benjamin Wilander, Bemidji State University
Honorable mention: Ross Soens, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
Honorable mention: Wenqi Shen, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Category 3: DNA, RNA, Chromosomes and Gene Regulations
Winner: Kate Harris, Purdue University
Honorable mention: Anne Ojo, St. Mary’s University
Honorable mention: Adriana Vélez, University of Puerto Rico–Río Piedras
Honorable mention: Joshua Slostad, Hamline University
Honorable mention: Tracy Tauro, Marymount Manhattan College

Category 4: Cell and Developmental Biology, Immunology and Microbiology
Winner: Will Flanigan, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Honorable mention: Daniella Barraza, New Mexico State University
Honorable mention: Jennifer Lawrence, University of Delaware
Honorable mention: Santiago Acero Bedoya, Otterbein University
Honorable mention: Halie Sonnenschein, University of San Diego

The ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition is held annually at the ASBMB annual meeting. For more information, please click here

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