Time management for the modern millennial

By Isabel Zaru-Roque

I’m the first one to admit that time management can be difficult. Classes, studying, spending time with friends and extracurricular activities can strain the modern millennial. Keeping a balanced lifestyle rarely seems like an option when meals consist of fast food and study schedules impede sleep. However, Forbes and the American Psychological Association have a few pieces of advice to help all college millennials get through.

  • The APA puts a large emphasis on smiling, laughing and meditating. Although it can feel impossible to laugh or smile when stressed, it is vital for helping the body to relax. Likewise, meditating is hard to make time for when a deadline is looming but is necessary for being present and focused on the task at hand. Occasionally, a dinner with friends is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • The APA also recommends to “take a break from the stressor” and “get social support.” I personally like this advice because being social allows a mental break and encourages relaxation. Reaching out to your system of friends and family may open avenues of support you didn’t know existed, such as study groups or tutoring opportunities.
  • A time management article by Forbes encourages you to “value your time and other people will do the same.” This advice rings true since you cannot add more hours to the day; it is important to make the most of what you have.
  • Forbes also recommends doing “time audits.” This involves checking the clock when you start and end activities, making a schedule of how long it may take you to do each activity and being realistic with your goals.

I find that keeping an agenda with clearly marked due dates helps me. I also stay balanced by being present during all my activities, since worrying about other deadlines will not help me get anything done. Being present also means putting away the phone while studying and focusing on getting assignments done within the time limits that you have allotted.

Time management is dependent on organization and respect for time limits. While it may seem challenging at first, by slowly developing a regular schedule while attending to all obligations, college students can begin to feel as though their lives and time are a little more manageable.


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