Outreach at Tulane University

By Sherry Cui, Tulane University

ASBMB’s Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) chapters are a network of undergraduate faculty and students committed to the advancement of research, education, and science outreach. Tulane’s UAN chapter shares their activities thus far this year.

As the sun shines down in New Orleans, the members of Tulane’s ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) chapter, BEAST (Biology Enthusiasts Association for the Students of Tulane), worked hard to make the most of their fall semester. BEAST had a busy semester and hosted a Research Internship Workshop, Undergraduate Research Symposium, Advising Night, and Pasta on the Patio.

learn2Research Internship Workshop
BEAST started out with a Research Internship Workshop, which provided members with information about how to find a research internship on and off campus, during the school year, or during the summer. We provided strategies to writing a good email to a professor conducting interesting research, advice on a good resume, and specific examples of local summer research internship programs, such as the Tulane National Primate Research Center Summer Fellowship Program and the Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center Summer Internship Program. Freshmen and senior members alike enjoyed the plethora of opportunities all over the states to extend their scientific knowledge and curiosity.

Tulane Undergraduate Research Symposium
Our largest event of the semester continued with the third annual Tulane Undergraduate Research Symposium. BEAST hosted a poster symposium to allow undergraduate students from local universities and colleges demonstrate their comprehension of their research to the public. Judges, professors, and PhD students from Tulane’s science departments participated in selecting the most outstanding projects and presentations. Erik Iverson from Tulane won first place for his project: “The Impact of Environmental Heterogeneity on Winter Ranging in the Red-Backed Fairy-Wren, Malurus melanocephalus.” Paul Cripe and Owen Richfield from Tulane won second place for their project: “Cooperation and Efficiency in Sperm Motility Patterns.” Kate Birdwhistell from Loyola University of New Orleans won third place for her project: “A Novel Regenerative Therapy for Laminitis.”

Advising Night
Advising Night included a night of consolation and advising for the undergraduate students. Professors from the Neuroscience program, Cellular and Molecular Biology program, and the Chemistry Program instilled some confidence and advice to our younger members who were unsure about their path in the rest of their undergraduate years. Watching the successful Tulane graduates strutting off to medical school, graduate school, and health administration programs can be stressful. We hosted this event to ease their minds and share what paths are available to them.

Pasta on the Patio
Pasta on the Patio is an event for the Science and Engineering undergraduate students of Tulane to mingle, socialize, and connect with the professors and graduate students. Along with the Cellular and Molecular Biology Department, BEAST served delicious pasta to any science enthusiasts on campus. As the students enjoy the fresh, warm lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and chicken fettuccini, they engaged in conversations with professors about the latest studies in microbiology. This event was a great opportunity for students to meet with professors outside of the classroom.

Tulane and New Orleans presented a great semester, and we are ready to continue the spring semester with the same fervor, especially with the organization of our outreach events. Stay BEASTly, science enthusiasts. It’s our job to spread the love of science.

To learn more about the UAN and science outreach, click here.

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